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17 OCTOBER 2019 - Sweet Dreams hosted by B&B Hotels

The third edition of C-Soirée was hosted by the brand new B&B Hotel at Brussels. Together with 30 influencers, we enjoyed a guided tour through the trendy hotel and a satisfying sleep workshop.

The cosy evening started with a short presentation of the B&B Hotels Group. B&B Hotels is currently the biggest independent low-cost hotel chain in France. B&B Hotels is growing with 50 new hotels per year in Europe. This result is thanks to its ability to find the right solutions to meet the ever changing needs of its clientele. In Belgium, there are now 2 B&B Hotels, one in Brussels and one in Antwerp. We were welcomed in the brand new hotel in Brussels, less than a minute's walk from train station 'Brussels-Midi'.

The influencers were impressed by the beautiful hotel and afterwards they enjoyed tasty snacks and drinks. To guarantee their sleep, we organized an original sleep workshop. Sweet dreams!

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