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25 NOVEMBER 19 - Croatian Christmas Dinner

Ho ho ho! The Croatian National Tourism Board invited us for an (early) Christmas dinner at Maison D'Istrie, a Croatian restaurant in the heart of Brussels. Together with 35 influencers we experienced a warm and pleasant evening with a cooking workshop and a Croatian wine tasting.

During the cooking workshop, the influencers learned to make pasta, one of the most popular food items in Croatian cuisine. Dirty hands and a lot of fun guaranteed! Afterwards Bojan, the restaurant owner of Maison d'Istrie, shared his love for Croatian wines during the wine tasting until it was time for a typical Croatian Christmas diner. We enjoyed a delicious four-course menu with (of course) stuffed turkey!

Ivan Novak of the Croatian National Tourism Board also informed our influencers with a short presentation about Croatian tourism. Look below how sweet and well-behaved our influencers can be... ;-)

Thank you Croatia for the lovely evening. We're so ready for Christmas!

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