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20 JUNE 2018 - First edition hosted by Sunny Cars

Bijgewerkt op: 20 jun. 2019

Together with one of our clients, Sunny Cars, we organized the very first edition of our newest concept: C-Soirée. Read all about it below.

Picture taken by (c) Jelle Dreesen

On a sunny Wednesday evening, we hosted the first edition of our new concept, C-Soirée, in summer pop-up bar Jardim in Antwerp. The informal atmosphere with drinks and snacks allowed Sunny Cars to chat with 30 different travel bloggers, all interested in their product, which was the ideal opportunity for the car rental specialist to create a personal connection with them.

Showing off new stuff: On A Roadtrip

Sunny Cars also took advantage of the opportunity to present its first travel guide to the attending bloggers which they had launched earlier that month in collaboration with mo'media.

So far we have received great feedback from both bloggers and Sunny Cars, so we're looking forward to the next edition!

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